Payment Center

Tired of dealing with problems funding your account at your casino? Here are some sites that can alleviate that problem. In addition, most casinos offer a higher bonus to patrons that deposit using cash or these services:

PayPal: PayPal offers customers a way to not only deposit money to online casinos, but also the ability to send money to anyone with an email address. Because of the widespread popularity and growing acceptance by casinos of PayPal, it is our top choice for individuals who want to use an online payment system. As an added bonus, you get paid $5 just to sign up.

Western Union: Considered the same as cash at nearly all casinos, Western Union major advantage is that it is almost universally accepted by all casinos. The main disadvantage is that they do charge a transfer fee (although this is often paid for by the casinos). Neteller: Similar to Paypal, but focused almost entirely on the gaming industry, Neteller offers another way to get your account funded. Downside is that the uses outside the gaming industry are limited, but it is accepted at a lot of casinos.