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Major Millions – Big Jackpots

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Pokies for Money A military themed progressive pokie that was developed by Microgaming, the kings of the progressive, Major Millions has a big jackpot lying in wait for anyone who feels lucky, but how does this game stand-up elsewhere? Does it have enough going for it to compete with the more modern, graphically advanced pokies?


The graphics are not great here. There is a military theme, based around Major Millions himself, but it doesn’t look great and is very dated. The game moves quickly, which is a good thing, and there are also some big wins available, but the RTP is not the best either. This is usually the case with older progressives, but Major Millions is lower than others and therefore has very little going for it other than the jackpot.


There is a set bet of $3 per spin on Major Millions, which means you can’t go lower or higher.

Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus rounds on this pokie, no big features, no instant wins, no free spins. It really is all about the progressive jackpot, but if that’s the sort of thing you are interested in, there are far better alternatives out there. Major Millions has had its day, and it needs to be put to rest, because in the modern era, it’s almost embarrassing to see a game that looks as dated and as basic as this.


Major Millions has a very poor aesthetic, and one that was probably obsolete even when it was first launched. It is old, make no mistake about it, but you get the impression that Microgaming didn’t focus too much on the aesthetic even back then, as they relied too heavily on the game’s jackpot. This might have worked back then, when such a huge jackpot was enough to blind everyone to everything else, but in the modern era it is definitely not enough and Major Millions just doesn’t impress anymore.